Infinite, is the name of the project created by Xavi , the keyboard player from Bongo Botrako and Uriol, studying in Barcelona.

When Helena a friend of mine, introduces the boys to eachother, they spend so three hours looking for bars having a piano . When finally, they get it, they associate their improvisations skills.

Uriol invents , throws words ; Xavi creates melodies that he feels like going perfectly with Uri poetry. The pianist gives birth to ambiances , the poet follows with his endless sentences, embracing the scale, meeting his friend’ emotions.

I saw them performing last week in Tarraco. Okay , Im clearly sensitive to this kind of art, but even someone reluctant to enter into their world or someone not really attracted by this concept would be fascinated I guess. And it was in Catalan, so reallly hard , almost impossible to understand the words.

No need to. Uriol, wearing dirty rags on, keeps on talking about world, creation, creation of the world. Slowly, his words sounding as bullets . Faster, and it feels like being trapped in a whirlwind.

And it’s like if Xavi is answering to him. No, joining his speech with his notes . And they could keep on , cause each time that one perceives the other one’s new feeling, he wants to bring more to it, to add pages to the story they are writing together; That’s why INFINITE. The beauty of improvisation is that it will always be new and the moment, for sure special.